Whitesands project - demountable panels

The demountable barriers above the glass panels are only required within the section between Devorgilla Bridge and the Suspension Bridge

In addition there are a number of gated openings which will need to be closed during flood events. There will also be demountable elements forming part of the defences at Welldale and Kenmure Terrace.

It will therefore be necessary to train staff, undertake regular practice sessions and to check and maintain the defences.

At present SEPA's flood warning for the Whitesands provides a minimum 3 hour warning to flooding of the car park at the Sandy Opening (the lowest point on the Whitesands).  There is also a 6 hour warning, which while currently not as accurate as the 3 hour warning, does give additional information to the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service assisting in the determination of flood timings and extent.

The demountable defences are only required when more significant flood events are predicted. An operational procedure will be developed and implemented for the scheme. The demountable panels will be stored on Council premises in trailers ready for deployment to the Whitesands.

As a reference point the December 2015 flood event water would have reached the top of the raised walkway with the glass panel providing additional potential levels of defence. Furthermore this flood event (and similar significant flood events) was predicted 3 days before it happened giving plenty of time to erect.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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