Whitesands project - height of defences and views of the river

The aim of the Whitesands Project is to combine flood defences with regeneration and to create a more pleasant riverside environment for the public.

During consultation there was a strong opinion that the 3 metre height of the suggested defences would affect the views of the river and separate the river from the town.

This feedback was taken into account and amendments were made to the height of the original design. A lowered 'raised walkway' design was produced. This has a maximum height of 1.4 metres with glass panelling along its length to achieve the required level of flood protection. The views are improved with this reduction in height and will not be dissimilar to the present view which is impacted by rows of parked cars.

The height of defences has always been a balance between visual impact and the highest standard of protection possible. The use of demountable panels for the required increase in protection levels from 1:25 year return period Standard of Protection (SoP) to 1:75 year return period SoP between Devorgilla Bridge and the Suspension Bridge is part of that balance. 

Any defence scheme along the riverside will change the view from nearby shops and from the road. However the views from the riverside cycleway/footpath will be unaffected and there will be enhanced views along the raised walkway section.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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