South West Education Improvement Collaborative

In Scotland there are 32 local authorities (councils) and in 2017 the Scottish Government announced plans to get councils to co-operate more closely, so the councils organised themselves into RICs.

What will RIC's do?

The RICs are 'virtual' bodies, formed with the purpose of improving education and closing the poverty-related attainment gap in the schools in their areas - this is the gap in achievement of children from poorer homes compared to more affluent areas. The intention is that they will do this by working together to give advice and support to schools, and to share examples of good work across local authority borders.

Each Collaborative has published a Regional Improvement Plan, setting out the vision and aims of the Collaborative, here in Dumfries and Galloway we are part of the South West Education Improvement Collaborative (SWEIC).

What is SWEIC?

South West Education Improvement Collaborative is made up of:

  • Dumfries and Galloway Council
  • East Ayrshire Council
  • North Ayrshire Council
  • South Ayrshire Council.

Improvement Plans

Annual reports


Further Information

The Scottish Governmant has published an interim review in Regional Improvement Collaboratives, further information on this can be found on their website:

Local Contact

For further information locally please use the email address below:

Page last updated: 28/07/2022
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