Whitesands project - parking

Our flood defence and regeneration scheme includes parking provision to encourage both visitors and shoppers to the town.

The Whitesands riverside car park will be removed but two areas have been identified as the new main parking areas at the D&G Homes site and at the Greensands.

As a result of further design work the scheme provides an additional four spaces at the shop side (east) car park near the entrance to the D&G Homes car park, increasing the total number of spaces in this location from 57 to 61.  Furthermore, the flood defence arrangements at Dockhead have been redesigned to reduce the loss of spaces in this car park.  The car park currently has 36 spaces.  Previously the design left 13 spaces in the car park; the new design retains 28 spaces.  Overall parking lost is fully re-provisioned and with a net gain of 50 spaces.

By providing additional parking on the 'shop' side of Whitesands, shoppers and visitors will have easier access to the town centre and trade will be maintained to the businesses and shops which front onto Whitesands.


Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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