Whitesands project timeline

An overview of the stages and development of the flood protection and regeneration scheme, up to the scheme's agreement in November 2015.

New events will be added as the project progresses.

2011 - 2013

  • 2011 Hydraulic Modelling Study - undertaken to assess flood levels and potential options.
  • December 2011; Planning, Housing and Environment Services Committee - Agreement to develop a Flood Protection and Regeneration scheme for the Whitesands
  • 2012 Gillespies LLP and DG Design commissioned to prepare a Masterplan.
  • September 2012; Design Charrette - A series of interactive design workshops and meetings take place where the public, local design professionals and the project team work together to develop a detailed vision for the site.
  • January 2013; Masterplan Report - 'A New Vision Whitesands' is completed, based on outcomes from the Design Charette. Includes flood protection and public realm improvements for the Whitesands area and wider townscape improvements.
  • February 2013; Planning, Housing, and Environmental Services Committee - Agreement to progress project based on the Masterplan.
  • April 2013; Gillespies provide Project Update for the local community.
  • May 2013; Enviroplan appointed by Gillespies to undertake Strategic Environmental Assessment ('SEA'): Aim of an SEA is to ensure that any potentially significant adverse effects on the environment are identified and avoided/minimised/mitigated, and any potentially positive effects enhanced.
  • May 2013; Mouchel prepare a Technical Report.
  • August 2013; Public display/presentation by Gillespies in the Bakers Oven - featured numerous design boards to showcase the developing project. Feedback from this is generally positive.
  • September 2013; Planning, Housing and Environmental Services Committee - Progress with the project is noted and it is agreed to continue with it as a priority scheme.

2014 - 2017

  • March 2014; Policy and Resources Committee - Funding agreed to progress development of the scheme.
  • Aug - September 2014; Eight-week consultation on Masterplan and SEA - Responses logged and a committee report prepared.
  • October 2014; Dumfries Common Good Sub Committee - Use of Common Good land is agreed for construction of the Project.
  • November 2014; Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee - Committee considers the Whitesands Masterplan along with consultation responses and appropriate amendments. Agreement to adopt the Masterplan as statutory supplementary guidance, following completion of relevant adoption procedures.
  • December 2014; Nithsdale Area Committee Community Meeting
  • A community meeting and public engagement session takes place, including displays and discussions. Feedback is recorded.
  • January 2015; Public display and engagement at the former Bakers Oven - Three-day event with extensive public participation and engagement, including displays and discussions.
  • A full-scale model is constructed in location on the Whitesands.
  • February - August 2015: Significant redesign of the defences (including reducing height of the 'bund') in response to feedback from the public engagement events.
  • September 2015; Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee: Update on progress reported, including details of improved (raised walkway) scheme and alternatives considered. Agreement to carry out further consultation and engagement sessions on the improved scheme and any alternatives.
  • October 2015; Engagement event - A further three-day event with extensive public participation and engagement takes place at the former Bakers Oven, including display boards of the improved (raised walkway) scheme and alternatives with a questionnaire to record feedback and comment.
  • November 2015; Nithsdale Area Committee - Agreement to support the improved (raised walkway) scheme.
  • November 2015; Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee - Agreement to support the improved (raised walkway) design and approves publication and promotion of the progress on the scheme.
  • November 2016; Public Exhibition - A three-day event with extensive public participation to provide comprehensive details of the scheme prior to the publication of the flood order.
  • December 2016; Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee and Full Council Committee - Agreed that the Whitesands Project be published as a Flood Protection Scheme.
  • January 2017; Policy and Resources Committee - the Whitesands Project is published.
  • February - April 2017 - 287 representations are recorded. All objectors are contacted with further information.
  • June 2017; Elected Members at Full Council make the preliminary decision to confirm the Whitesands Project (Flood Protection and Public Realm Improvements) without modifications and publish the Flood Order, then asks Scottish government to call the scheme in, triggering a Public Local Inquiry.

2018 - Present

  • November - December 2018 Public Local Inquiry held following 340 representations
  • March 2020 Scottish Ministers confirm scheme without modification
  • February 2023 Planning Application to vary conditions of Deemed Planning Consent approved by Planning Committee, Read the decision from Full Council on 4 October..
  • May 2024 At Full Council on 4 October 2023, Members were asked to agree an optimum option to progress with the development of the Whitesands Flood Protection Scheme and Public Realm Improvements.Members were presented with four options including:

Option 1 - Progress with the Published Scheme
Option 2 - Terminate the Project
Option 3 - Undertake Gateway Review of existing scheme to facilitate decision making at future date
Option 4 - Undertake an Options Appraisal, or start from scratch.

Following discussions, it was agreed by Council Members that Option 1 provided both protection for properties on the Whitesands from flooding, and for a wider regeneration of the Whitesands corridor, and to progress funding within current financial year to allow for development works to commence.Read the decision from Full Council on 4 October.

Page last updated: 16/05/2024
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