Whitesands project - Devorgilla Bridge

Our flood defence and regeneration scheme aims to protect Devorgilla Bridge, a Scheduled Ancient Monument and one of the oldest standing bridges in Scotland.

The new access arrangements are both a gradual sloped footway (which gently rises to form the raised walkway) and a new set of steps to the front of the bridge from the road crossing. This will allow similar access to the present situation and a fully accessible ramp suitable for all users.

We are aware of the sensitivity of working on this historic structure and are continuing to work with Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to ensure any changes are sympathetic. Stepped access from the pedestrian crossing will be provided onto the bridge. In addition ramped access will be installed from the higher ground towards Buccleuch Street.  Additional works in close proximity to the bridge include removal and relocation of the toilet block and bus station which will enhance the setting of the bridge and increase the viewing points.

Extensive discussions and meetings have been held with HES and they have indicated they would be supportive of the our proposals. In accordance with the statutory process an application would be made following confirmation of the flood order.

Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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