How we work together - Education and Learning Directorate and Parent Councils

The link between parents and the school can make a real difference to the work and life of the school.

To work together better we recommend the following steps are taken:



It is strongly recommended that your Parent Council sets up a generic email address, such as

This ensures information is held in one place for your Parent Council and can be passed very easily from one Chair to the new after elections - and avoids having to give out your own email address for school business. This is vital to ensure you receive communications.

Contact Information

It is your responsibility to ensure that Education and Learning Directorate have the correct and current contact information. Please provide this as soon as this is available so we can update contact information and on your school website.

Recording and Reporting

As part of the functions of a Parent Council in the 2006 Parental Involvement Act Section 4 Parent Councils are asked to document their activities. These are normally recorded as Agenda's, Minutes and Reports. We will ensure we communicate regularly with Parent Councils on any training opportunities, share information on policy or strategic developments. You should tell us who the Office / Role Bearers are in your Parent Council? - Parent Councils must provide this information once a year, after an annual general meeting (AGM).

Sharing Information and Data Protection

We suggest that in term one you collect role/ office bearer information and any amended constitutions and send to

In term four you will be asked to submit the annual financial return form to us. At each AGM Personal information should be updated. New member details will be added and retiring member information should be destroyed or deleted within 14 days.


A copy of your Constitution should be shared with Education and Learning Directorate. If you do not have a copy of this currently, please contact us and we will look back in our records. If you would like support with a review of your constitution you can seek support from Connect Scotland

Financial Record Keeping

Every academic year we give you funds to support the work of the Parent Council. This amount is based on pupil numbers. As Parent Councils you are required to provide Dumfries and Galloway Council Education Services with an annual return of how you have spent your allocation from us. An annual record of your accounts is referred to as your End of Year Financial Statement. To give Parent Councils adequate time to prepare, finalise and have these accounts audited, the Authority will request this information usually during May/June. If you experience any difficulties in achieving the deadline, please contact and alternative arrangements can be made. Some Parent Councils have computer spreadsheets and files, others use a notebook and pen with in & out and balance columns; both are fine as long as you can provide a paper trail for spending and incoming monies, so keep all receipts and invoices safe. An Auditor does not have to be a qualified accountant. It could be someone known to and trusted by the Parent Council who has some financial knowledge. The Headteacher or Parent Council Treasurer of a neighbouring school may be a good idea and you could perhaps return the favour.


From time to time, Parent Council's may receive mailings offering training from other organisations and you would then need to decide if this was appropriate. This training can be paid for with your annual funding application. Travel costs to attend any training can also be paid from these funds. There is also face to face and online training available as part of the Connect Scotland membership and Parent Councils are encouraged to make full use of services available to them. Please contact Connect Scotland directly about this.


As part of our annual support for Parent Councils membership of Connect Scotland includes insurance and is paid for directly by Education Services. All Parent Councils have 3 Star cover, and this allows for two training sessions per annum. Your Parent Council Chair should receive an annual Information pack with guidance on level of insurance and an insurance certificate. These will be sent out to your school at the start of the new term every year. If you do not have this information, please contact Connect Scotland directly. For more information visit or helpline 0131 474 6199 or email

Please ensure that a copy of your Constitution, AGM minutes and list of all Office/Role Bearers are shared with us every year. For all enquiries and submissions please use the following email address:

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Page last updated: 09/03/2023
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