School Model Dashboard

This dashboard displays the primary and secondary school locations and catchment areas across Dumfries and Galloway.

The dashboard is interactive and will allow you to look at the capacity (the number of spaces available) and pupil roll (the number of spaces being used by children) for each individual school.

It is also able to calculate the 'Utilisation by Roll' and display that figure as a percentage for each school. 'Utilisation' is the ratio of the maximum capacity of the school building(s) to the number of pupils on the school roll e.g. If a school has a capacity of 100 pupils, with 60 pupils on the school roll, it would have a utilisation of 60%. 

The dashboard does not display information about our denominational schools (St Joseph's College RC, St Teresa's RC, St Andrew's RC, St Joseph's RC Primary, St Ninian's RC and St Columba's RC). This is due to their catchment areas overlapping with the non-denominational schools displayed on the dashboard. Denominational schools operate with a different set of admission criteria to non-denominational schools.

Full details can be found in school admission policy.

View the School Model Dashboard

Please note that the School Model Dashboard is best viewed on a large screen. Information contained in this dashboard was accurate as of the Pupil Census in November 2022. Pupil rolls change regularly throughout the year

Page last updated: 23/06/2023
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