Asbestos is a very common material found in buildings which can cause health problems if it is disturbed or damaged. Always get expert advice if you think there's asbestos in your home.

Asbestos is found in things like textured walls, roofing felt, guttering and some types of insulation. Most materials are relatively harmless if undisturbed but it is easy to damage them and release fibres that can cause health problems.

Dealing with asbestos

Unless asbestos is damaged or disturbed then it's best to leave it in place. It might be possible to repair or protect and reduce the risk. You can:

  • prime and finish asbestos surfaces with emulsion or gloss paint
  • cover asbestos sheeting with wallpaper or other non-asbestos boarding
  • paint materials with a thick bitumen-based product
  • seal with a PVA adhesive

You should hire a qualified professional to remove asbestos safely from your home. Asbestos must be treated with care and only when wearing protective equipment.

Disposing of asbestos

Asbestos is classed as hazardous waste and you can only get rid of it at licensed disposal sites. You must never put asbestos in your bin at home.

Some recycling centres in the area will take small amounts of household asbestos. The asbestos containers are locked so you'll need to organise disposal with the site operators beforehand and they'll also explain the best way to handle the asbestos.

Call us on 01387 750911 if you want to bring asbestos to recycling centres at:

Household waste recycling centres won't accept large amounts of asbestos from home construction and demolition projects or commercial activities. You will need to contact a specialist company for help.

Page last updated: 26/07/2019
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