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Domestic noise nuisance

Our Community Safety Team investigates reports of excessive domestic noise. The most serious cases are classed as antisocial behaviour.

Examples of domestic noise might be:

  • neighbours playing noisy televisions
  • very loud music or regular parties
  • DIY tools being used when people are trying to sleep

Report excessive noise

Often a polite word or letter to the person making the noise can work. If not, you can:

You'll need to provide:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • the name of the person causing the noise and the address of the problem
  • details of the type of noise, the pattern and history of the problem

What happens next

We'll contact you for more information and ask you to keep a record of noisy events. Our officers may spend time in your home monitoring the noise levels, up to 3 visits might be made to try and witness the noise.

We can issue a warning notice if we find there is a problem. A fixed penalty notice of £100 will be issued if the warning is ignored.

Sometimes we find the noise levels are not antisocial and can take no further action. You can consider a Civil Action if we're not able to help, you should contact a solicitor for help with this.

Page last updated: 29/10/2019
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