Dog fouling

Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure that their dogs are not a nuisance. Our Community Safety Team are authorised to issue a fixed penalty for dog fouling offences.

The Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003

If a dog defecates at any time upon any place to which this Act applies, and a person who is in charge of the dog at that time, fails immediately to remove the faeces from the place, that person shall be guilty of an offence.

Failure to immediately remove and appropriately dispose of any excrement after a dog has fouled in a public area, is illegal. If caught, offenders could be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80. We really need your help in trying to catch the irresponsible few, who fail to pick up their dog faeces.

If two members of the public are prepared to give corroborated statements of witnessing an offence, we will seriously consider issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice if circumstances allow. Even a statement from a single person, along with some other form of evidence, a formal warning letter will be considered, if circumstances allow.

Any information you can provide regarding the description of dog, times you believe the offence is happening, and a description of dog walker, is invaluable. 

Report dog fouling

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Tackling dog waste

Dog mess is unpleasant and can have significant health risks.

We provide dog waste bins in many areas and encourage dog owners to use these or other waste bins. A limited number of free disposal bags are available from Customer Service Centres.

Page last updated: 11/12/2023
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