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Work done without a valid building warrant

It's an offence to carry out work which requires a building warrant without obtaining the relevant permission or to continue working on the project after the warrant has expired.

You may need to apply for a certificate or inspection if you've carried out work without a valid warrant. We may also take enforcement action (including issuing fines). It is also more than likely that you'll encounter problems when selling a property if the correct permission hasn't been obtained.

Date of work / warrant expiryReason for applicationAction required

On or after 1 May 2005

Work carried out without a warrant

Apply for a completion certificate where no building warrant obtained

Work did not require a warrant but still had to comply with regulations

pdf icon Apply for a property inspection [93kb]

Building warrant has expired

Apply to extend period of validity of building warrant

Between 1 June 1964 and 30 April 2005

Minor building work to a house or flat that has been carried out without a building warrant

pdf icon Apply for a property inspection [93kb]

Work carried out with the necessary building warrant but no completion certificate was issued

pdf icon Apply for confirmation of completion [79kb]

Before 1 June 1964

Works carried out without the relevant building warrant approvalWe won't investigate any work undertaken before 1 June 1964

We'll contact you to arrange an inspection within 14 days. We'll also write to you after the inspection to tell you whether further action is required.

Exempt development

Some work is exempt from the regulations and we can provide written confirmation of this if needed.

Page last updated: 20/02/17