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Private water supplies

You have to tell us if you use a private water supply and we will add details to a public register. We must sample drinking water to make sure private supplies meet legal standards.

Register your water supply

Around 3,000 properties are using one of 1,400 private water supplies across the region. We record location and ownership details for these supplies.

Help to improve your supply

We can give advice and guidance on how to improve quality of the water from a private supply.

Grants of up to £800 are available if you need help to improve your water supply. Call 030 33 33 3000 or email for further information.

Drinking water

Lead in water supplies does not naturally occur in large quantities.

Problems can arise when drinking water comes into contact with lead fittings like pipes, tanks, joints, copper pipes and brass tap fittings for substantial periods of time, such as disuse of household water supply when away on holiday. This can result in lead contaminating the water supply in a small number of cases which may have an effect on health.

Call Scottish Water on 0845 601 8855 if you believe there is lead present in your water supply. They can take a sample of water from your property to test and will inform you of the results.




Page last updated: 16/03/2018
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