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Gulls in Dumfries and Heathhall

Gulls are a nuisance in Dumfries and Heathhall. We don't have a statutory duty to take action against gulls but do have some powers to tackle the problem.

Egg and nest removal

We operate a free non-statutory nest and egg removal service during the gull breeding season which runs from May until the end of July. The removal service is currently closed, the next season will be open for reporting in April 2017.

Stop gulls from nesting

You may be able to reduce or break up colonies of nesting birds by using deterrents. If you own or occupy a building which attracts gulls you can:

  • fit long spikes to nesting locations such as chimney-stacks
  • fit short spikes to nesting locations such as dormer roofs
  • fit wires or nets to prevent gulls landing

Legal protection

Gulls, nests and eggs are legally protected. Carrying out certain activities that might affect them could be illegal.

Gulls nests are not protected outside of the nesting season. If gulls have stopped using nests at the end of this season they can be cleared away.

Responsibilities of the property owner or landlord

Whilst the Council may be able to offer non-urgent assistance, we can't always respond to removal requests immediately.

If you are experiencing an urgent and serious safety or structural issue, such as blocked guttering from nesting materials, then it is the property owner or landlord's responsibility to rectify the matter. They can do so under the terms of an appropriate license.

Scottish Natural Heritage issues the General Licence 03/2016 which covers commonplace scenarios, they will do so when:

  • gulls are causing urgent health and safety problems
  • the breed of gull is covered under the licence
  • the criteria and terms and conditions of the licence are met
  • View the General Licence 03/2017

For further licence information contact Scottish Natural Heritage directly on: 01463 725364

Stop gulls from scavenging

Gulls hunt for meals in bins and take food when it is dropped on the ground. You can help reduce the amount of food available and stop them foraging in Dumfries:

  • Do not feed the gulls
  • Keep food out of sight
  • Dispose of your litter properly
Page last updated: 10/03/17