How to deal with problem gulls

Gulls are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. However, sometimes they are more than a nuisance and can cause harm to the public by swooping for food or to protect their young and, in very large numbers, can pose physical and mental health risks due to their droppings and noise.

As a last resort, Nature Scot can give you a licence to remove eggs and nests.

If you need support to apply for a licence, then please contact us at

Once you have a licence you will be able to take the steps that the licence covers at the property that is detailed. If you are removing eggs and nests, then you could contact a pest control firm and advise them you have a licence. A roofing contractor or other home improvement firm may also be able to do this work for you.

The Council's Trusted Trader scheme has a section on gull prevention. The traders listed there may be able to carry out this work for you.

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Page last updated: 20/09/2022
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