Keeping Gulls Away

The first step to gull management is keeping them away.

Gulls are attracted to food sources and therefore please make sure that litter and food waste are disposed of properly.

Read NatureScot's Advice on Gull Management >>

Gull-proof your property

Gulls flock in colonies and tend to return to the same nesting spots every year. In spring, owners or occupiers should check their roofs regularly for signs of nesting. Once nests have been built, they cannot be removed without a licence. The best time to gull-proof properties is between October and February, as the breeding season is usually between March and September. Property owners can discourage gulls from nesting by erecting wires or nets to chimney heads, flat roof areas and other potential nesting areas.

A competent specialist such as a roofing contractor or pest control company should be able to give you advice.

Private properties can arrange deterrents themselves and seek advice through www.NatureScot 01463 725364. Licences are free through NatureScot, but individuals need to show they have tried other deterrents before applying. Every licence is decided on an individual basis.

However, this year the council can provide spikes free of charge on the basis that you carry out gull proofing as appropriate by someone who has experience. Verified contractors can be found at the trusted traders council webpage.

If anyone comes across an injured of sick bird please do not touch and contact the SSPCA or a local vet for advice.

Help us make Dumfries and Galloway Gull Proof

We've created new guidance on how you can help discourage gulls from being a nuisance:

Further information

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Page last updated: 11/04/2024
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