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Flood risk management

We work in partnership with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Water and other partners to develop strategies and plans to improve how we cope with and manage flood risk.

SEPA has published a Flood Risk Management Strategy for the Solway district and we have published the Solway Local Flood Risk Management Plan which sets out how flood risk will be managed in this area:

The interim report to the Local Flood Risk Management Plan shows the progress made in delivering the actions to avoid and reduce the risk of flooding, and prepare and protect ourselves and our communities across the local plan district.

We commissioned a Screening Report for the Solway Local Flood Risk Management Plan to identify if there were any additional likely significant environmental effects other than those already identified for the Solway Flood Risk Management Strategy. We consulted key stakeholders and concluded that no new likely significant environmental effects were identified and a further Environmental Report is not required.

Our responsibility

We have a number of legal duties to manage flood risk. We need to:

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to protect your own property from flooding.


Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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