Flood Pod and sandbags

The Flood Pod is a container unit containing absorbent sandbags and floodgates. It can be moved quickly to where it is needed most in the region by the fire and rescue service.

We also have a smaller flood trailer. They are manned by our staff who are then able to loan flood protection equipment to you in an emergency.

Find out where the flood pod and trailer are

Protection of your property from flooding is principally your responsibility. When you borrow equipment from the pod we'll offer you a free flood survey at a later date. If eligible, you'll then have the opportunity to purchase your own reduced cost equipment from the subsidised flood products scheme.

Sandbag policy

Although there is no duty upon the Council to supply sandbags we do have a limited resource available to the public. During extreme weather events, sandbags will be made available for the public to collect from designated road depots at these times: 

  • 9am to 3pm: Monday to Thursdays
  • 9am to 12 noon: Fridays
  • Excludes public holidays 

The depots you can collect sandbags from are:

Depot Sandbag Supply
DepotSandbag supply
Commerce Road, Stranraer300
Barnkirk, Newton Stewart300
Abercromby Road, Castle Douglas300
Wayside, Dumfries300

During extreme weather events and to meet local demand, the Council will also issue pallets to specific locations for collection by members of the public. This will be in accordance with our order of priority, which is:

  1. Prevent loss of life or serious injury.
  2. Maintain access for emergency vehicles.
  3. Secure the safety of the roads network.
  4. Protect key community facilities and 'persons at risk'.
  5. Protect a number of residential properties.
  6. Protect a number of business/commercial properties.
  7. Protect an individual residential property.
  8. Protect an individual commercial property.

Pallets of sandbags will not be delivered to communities on a proactive basis, for example before winter.

We advise the public that this free-issue service should not be relied upon, those that believe they will need sandbags during these conditions should look to secure their own supply of sandbags.

Sandbags are available from most builders' supply merchants or DIY centres. Alternatively, property level protection in the form of floodgates, automatic air bricks and non-return valves are far more effective at preventing water ingress.

The use of sandbags offers limited protection for properties, keeping water out for short periods. This can be improved by using in conjunction with plastic sheeting, but are not a replacement for purpose manufactured property flood resilience measures which can be purchased through the Council's Property Flood Resilience Product Subsidy Scheme.

Page last updated: 07/07/2023
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