Keeping yourself safe (information for children and young people)

You can talk to an adult you trust or contact us if you're worried about the way someone treats you or if you don't feel safe.

If you talk to someone you trust, like a parent, teacher or doctor, make sure they listen properly, even if you have to tell them several times. Don't give up.

You can also talk to us:

  • Call 030 33 33 3001 and ask for the Social Work Access team. The Social Work Access team is the single point of contact to report concerns.

Other people who will help:

Advice and support to help you keep safe

Thinkuknow - be safe on the internet

Kidscape  - get help if you're being bullied

ChildLine - speak to someone or read helpful advice

The hideout - how to take positive action if domestic violence is happening to you

DAVAWP - support for young people affected by domestic violence

YoungScot  - lots of information for young people and help with different topics

Who cares Scotland - support for young people in care or living with foster families

Forced marriage advice - from The Scottish Government

If an adult is worried about you

An adult might get in touch with us and ask us to check if you are safe and happy. We will then start a child protection inquiry to make sure you are alright.

A social worker will:

  • talk with you about the good and not so good things in your life
  • tell you about who might need to be involved
  • talk to people who already work with you, like your teacher
  • always let you know what's happening and that you can talk to your social worker when you need to
  • write a report which includes you views
  • make sure you have written information about what could happen

If you've been invited to a Children's Hearing you can find out more about it on the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration website .

You have the right to a safe, healthy, happy childhood and a good start in life. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child set out these rights for you and for all children and young people around the world.

Page last updated: 28/05/2021
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