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A Scotland where we can all get where we need to go.

Transport Scotland aims to make travel as accessible and affordable as possible.  To do this there are a number of free or discounted travel schemes available across the Region.

Free Travel for 5-22 year olds

All children and young people aged 5-22 are entitled to free bus travel in Scotland.

You can apply for free travel online at (this cannot be done through your school).

Even if you already have a National Entitlement Card or Young Scot National Entitlement Card, you must apply for a new or replacement card to travel by bus for free.

The free travel is not added automatically to your current NEC/ Young Scots Card, it has to be applied for by either a parent/ guardian or the young person themselves and a new card issued.

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Free School Transport

Free school transport is available for some school children attending primary or secondary school if they live within the school catchment area and if they meet certain criteria.

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Bus Passes

The National Entitlement Card (NEC) gives access to free travel on buses across Scotland if you are 60 or over and live in Dumfries and Galloway.  Services between this area and Carlisle are also free.

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Apply for a taxicard if you have difficulty using public transport because of serious mobility impairment.  The card lets you use taxis at a reduced cost.

You will receive £100 credit towards the cost of taxis each financial year.  This can be used at any time to pay for journeys starting or finishing in Dumfries and Galloway.

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Thistle Assistance Card

Thistle Assistance is an initiative to help you feel safer and more comfortable when using public transport. 

You may prefer more time to get to your seat, or you might like the driver to speak more slowly and clearly.  Thistle Assistance's card and app let transport staff know in an easy and subtle way what extra support you would like.

The Thistle Assistance card and app are recognised by many public transport operators across Scotland, from buses and trains to planes and ferries.  Simply show your personalised card or app to their staff and they will understand wat additional assistance you require.

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Choose the Bus Campaign

Scotland's bus and coach services can easily connect you with friends, family, and great times, whether you're meeting friends for an evening out, heading to your local swimming pool or having a family day out. Even better, they're a great and hassle-free way to travel. Find out how you can save money, reduce stress, and cut your carbon emissions.

Wherever you're going, your next journey should start with a stop.

Why choose the bus?

  • It's greener - more people on buses and coaches means less cars on the road, which reduces damaging carbon emissions and improves air quality. Think about times you can use a bus or a coach instead of taking the car and help Scotland to meet its net zero goals.
  • It could save you money - If you're under 22, over 60, or have a disability you can travel for free. For others, different types of tickets are available to suit how often you travel and save you money.
  • It's more convenient - taking the bus instead of driving means you can relax and don't have to worry about stopping for petrol, dealing with congestion, or finding somewhere to park.  You don't need to pay for a taxi either!

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Community Transport


Community transport is a passenger transport schemed owned and operated by local community groups.  They have been set up by people living in areas with very limited public transport and the services, which are greatly valued by local communities, are provided on a not-for-profit basis.

Community transport provides safe, accessible and affordable transport solutions for local communities and allows them to;

  • Live independently

Participate in their communities

  • Access education, employment, health and other essential services

Insert photo from last year - Sunday - Housing and Public Services - Dumfries and Galloway Council (

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