Office Accommodation Strategy

The Councils office estate is larger than we need or can afford, and with limited capital and revenue budgets available in the future, it is essential the Council has an Office Accommodation Strategy that aligns with Council Priorities & Commitments.

Our Council has committed to 'Maximise use of fewer assets'. This has a number of benefits including:

  •  REDUCING REVENUE COST- By having fewer, better assets savings can be achieved in revenue costs such as: energy; cleaning; rent; rates; property repairs, servicing & maintenance; and investing in the assets retained as offices will minimise future revenue expenditure.
  •  REDUCING  CO2  EMISSIONS-  By  reducing  the  number  of  buildings we own and investing in low carbon measures to the retained estate linked to Capital Investment priorities - i.e. significant improvements in energy efficiency and installation of zero carbon heating systems can support the Councils fifth priority to 'Urgently respond to climate change and transition to a carbon neutral region by 2025'. Further detail on our commitment to support this is provided in the Climate Change section of the strategy.
  • IMPROVING  UTILISATION-  With  fewer  office  premises,  utilisation of our offices will improve. Continued Smarter working supported through transformation and the Restart, Renew and Recovery (RRR) Strategic priorities, to 'Support the development of an inspirational and engaging workforce and reduce our number of buildings'. The RRR Evaluation Framework reflecting the learning of our experiences through a Covid Lens to 'Build Back Better', will inform the office strategy as work on transformation activities and new ways of working emerge.


The Office Accommodation Policy - office focus, establishes clear principles aligned with Council Priorities and commitments, to drive forward efficiency and areas for improvement. These will remain in place for the next ten years but will be reviewed annually to ensure they are still relevant to what we are trying to achieve.

1.         To plan and manage property as a corporate resource to drive down cost, improve efficiency, performance, and maintain safety and security for all its users.

2.         To invest in our key infrastructure to provide fit-for-purpose premises from which to work, to minimise the risk associated with asset ownership and operation and reduce high risk backlog maintenance.

3.         To maximise use of fewer assets, through the Smarter Working vision where 'work is what we do, not a place we go' supported by continued transformation and flexible working. Provide office environments which can adapt to future ways of working to improve employee and service user experience.

4.         To target carbon reduction and a future sustainable estate through exploration of environmental improvement and adaptation works on retained buildings, new ways of working and disposal of assets.

5.         To promote joint working and explore opportunities for shared use of assets with partner organisations to improve collaboration and reduce costs.

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