Consultation - Development of a School Model

Why are we consulting?

Following a Full Council decision on the 26th of June 2018, elected members agreed to a Transformation Programme to address the challenges of providing a high-quality service across dispersed rural communities, to an ageing and declining population, set against a backdrop of addressing a significant funding gap projected for future years. At Full Council on the 27th of June 2019, Elected Members agreed to an updated Transformation Programme (including a number of Transformation Events). The consultation process was paused due to Covid 19 and has now resumed.

Our ambition is to make the school estate across the authority more sustainable. We need to ensure our schools are the right size and fit for the communities they serve; that are energy efficient; offer equity in education; and are fit for 21st Century learners. An evaluation of the existing school estate in combination with an extensive consultation with stakeholders will now be carried out to inform a new School Model Proposal for the region's future school estate.  

What is the consultation process?

The consultation period is comprised of three elements:

1. School Consultation Sessions (Feb - May 2023)

  • Targeted, in-person sessions where the consultation plan can be shared and discussions around an agreed question set are facilitated. Headteachers, Parent Council representatives, Elected Members and Ward Officers will be invited to one of five sessions across the authority.

2. Focus groups (Jan - June 2023)

  • In-person discussion groups with children and young people. Pupils from a variety of different settings, across Primary and Secondary schools, will be consulted, along with Dumfries and Galloway Youth Council.

3. Wider Engagement via Online Questionnaires (May - August 2023)

  • Targeting all remaining stakeholders not represented in the first two elements. Open to parents, carers & families, trade unions, community councils and school staff and any other groups identified through the consultation process.

How to participate?

The consultation is now closed.  We would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who contributed their views and voices to help shape a future Dumfries and Galloway School Model.

Background Information

What happens next?

  • At the conclusion of the consultation period, information on the community engagement process, and the data and responses received, will be collated into an initial 'Questions and Answers' Summary Paper and shared with all consultees.  
  • The feedback will be shared with the Education and Learning Committee.
  • The feedback will help shape the School Model Proposal.

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Page last updated: 28/11/2023
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