Ward working

We have 12 ward officers across the region who are there to support local communities, councillors and partners with a council ward.

How a ward officer can help you

A ward officer can help you or your community with:

  • community engagement - including running Ward Forums and community meetings, supporting consultations and involvement
  • community development and empowerment - including assisting communities to prioritise what's important to them, making informed choices about community assets and volunteering with the council in their locality
  • community planning - coordinating and working with local partners and supporting  Local Rural Partnerships

Your ward officers

You can  use our find my nearest tool to find out which ward you live in and contact the relevant ward worker - enter your address or postcode then find your ward under 'Council and democracy'.

List of ward workers
Electoral wardWard officerContact details
Ward 1
Stranraer and the Rhins
Kerry MonteithEmail kerry.monteith@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07920 598900
Ward 2
Mid Galloway and Wigtown West
Graeme McKie
Email graeme.mckie@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 01776 888465
Ward 3
Dee and Glenkens
Ingrid Gemmell
Email ingrid.gemmell@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07554 413 395
Ward 4
Castle Douglas and Crocketford
Melinda Dolan
Email melinda.dolan@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07712 666 903
Ward 5
Kimberley PhillipsEmail kimberley.phillips@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07464 493 771
Ward 6
North West Dumfries
Chris Woodness
Email chris.woodness@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07785 650 099
Ward 7
Mid and Upper Nithsdale
Fiona Daubney
Email fiona.daubney@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07500 839 619 
Ward 8
Derek HextallEmail derek.hextall@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 01387 260026 or 07834 567869
Ward 9
Seán O'Toole
Email sean.o'toole@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07899 068719
Ward 10
Annandale South
Jaime NicholsonEmail jaime.nicholson@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 01461 207012 (extension 67329) or 07920 528129
Ward 11
Annandale North
Steven WylieEmail steven.wylie@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07824 528410
Ward 12
Annandale East and Eskdale
Stuart Hamilton
Email stuart.hamilton2@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07881 008230


Page last updated: 20/07/2020
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