Armed Forces Funding

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund provides grants to projects which support the armed forces community.

Available funding

A total of £10million is available from the fund each year.

Only the very best projects will be successful because funding is limited but there will be plenty of chances to apply in the next few years.

Who can apply

Your project should address one of the fund's main priorities:

  1. families in stress
  2. strengthening local government delivery of the covenant
  3. Armed Forces Covenant: local grants
  4. a single grant to produce a map of need for the Covenant Fund
  5. a single grant to produce an outcomes framework for the Covenant Fund
  6. a single grant for the provision of a digital support programme for the Covenant Fund

Guidance is available to help you decide if your project meets the criteria. Make sure you read and understand the guidance before applying.

How to apply

Check for application dates and forms

Page last updated: 08/04/2022
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