Dumfries and Galloway Regionwide Community Fund

Dumfries and Galloway Council has established the Regionwide Community Fund, which is a source of funding open for applications from community groups and projects anywhere in the region.

The Fund was launched in 2019 to distribute funding contributed at the discretion of windfarms in the region. It is a source of funding to support applications aimed at improving:

  • Local business and skills
  • Community and environment
  • Culture and tourism
  • Affordable housing
  • Community transport
  • Broadband connectivity
  • Fuel poverty
  • Energy conservation and production
  • Support local recovery from Covid-19 pandemic

Fund is currently closed

The Fund is currently closed, and will be reopening early 2023.


Who can apply and how much can you apply for?

Constituted groups in Dumfries and Galloway, with their own bank account can apply for a minimum of £500 up to a maximum award of £5,000

Dumfries & Galloway Region Wide Community Fund cannot be used for:

  • Core costs for existing work (though it can support start-up costs for new projects)
  • Staff salaries (paying staff already employed at time of application)
  • Retrospective funding - the Fund will not pay for goods or services that have already been purchased or provided
  • Promotion of politics or religion
  • Grants for individuals

Annual Reports


Further Information

For further information contact

Email james.parker@dumgal.gov.uk

Call    07880 740112

Page last updated: 30/06/2022
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