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Register of electors

The Electoral Registration Officer keeps an electoral register and an open register (or the edited register) using information provided by the public when they register to vote.

You must be on the register of electors to vote in UK elections and referendums.

The electoral register

The electoral register lists the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote in public elections. The register is used for electoral purposes, such as making sure only eligible people can vote.

It is also used for other limited purposes specified in law, such as detecting crime (e.g. fraud), calling people for jury service and checking credit applications.

The open register

The open register is an extract of the electoral register, but is not used for elections. It can be bought by any person, company or organisation. For example, it is used by businesses and charities to confirm name and address details.

Annual canvass of electors

The Electoral Registration Officer is required by law to carry out a household canvass each year to find out who is eligible to vote at every address in Dumfries and Galloway. This year's forms are due to be delivered w/c 1 July 2019.

You can respond online, by Freephone or Text or forms can be completed and returned in the envelopes provided. Although responding by post is the most expensive way to receive responses, so if you can respond by phone, text or online please do so. Every web response saves 21p compared to postage costs. Every text or phone response saves 15p compared to postage costs.

We are required by law to send reminder letters and pay visits to households that don't respond to this form. Last year this cost us over £20,000, please respond promptly so we can spend taxpayers' money on local services instead.

Changes to your details

You can use an online service to update your name, address or other details on the electoral register:

Update your details on the register

You can also:

Remove your details

Your name and address are included in the open register unless you ask us to remove them. You can still vote if your details are removed from the open register.

If you want to opt out of the open register please email with your full name and address.

If you're already registered then we'll continue to follow your original choice about being included on the open register until you tell us otherwise or change address.

View the register

The electoral register can be viewed under supervision at:

  • Municipal Chambers, Buccleuch Street, Dumfries, DG1 2AD
Page last updated: 24/02/2020
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