Council departments

Dumfries and Galloway is the third largest council area in Scotland. We have just over 6500 staff in four departments to deliver services to about 150,000 people.

Chief Executive: Gavin Stevenson

Gavin Stevenson is our Head of Paid Service and has ultimate responsibility for the council. Gavin provides leadership and motivation, co-ordinates policy development and oversees the Corporate Management Team which is made up of our Directors.

Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning

Director: Colin Grant

This department delivers school and pre-school education and provides support to active schools, community sport and community sport hubs, youth services, social work services to children and families, criminal justice services, adult learning, and council learning and development.


Director: Derek Crichton

This department enables the Council to organise its services to meet the needs of service users; ensuring that local people and communities are at the heart of our decision making; and placing greater emphasis on empowering communities and community development. The department is responsible for a wide range of services, with the lead role in the Local Outcomes Improvement Plan, Locality Plans, the Strategic Housing Investment Plan, and Strategies for Customer Services, Culture, Community Safety and Anti-Poverty. It also has responsibility for establishing Centres of Excellence for Resilience and Emergency Planning, Customer Services and Community Participation and Engagement.

Corporate Services

Director: Lorna Meahan

This directorate delivers our Council's corporate and democratic core services to ensure that our Council fulfils its legal responsibilities and operates as a coherent and unified organisation. We facilitate democratic engagement and provide election, licensing, assessor and electoral registration functions.

This directorate develops and leads our Council's approach to communication, health and safety, performance management and ensures that our Council has the capacity to learn and change through organisational development. Corporate Services provides professional services and advice to other parts of our Council to enable services to operate successfully and improve.

This directorate's services are fundamental to achieving our Council's Priorities and Commitments, by ensuring informed decision-making; supporting and developing our workforce; making best use of our Council's money and resources; and supporting the modernisation and efficiency of our services.

Economy, Environment and Infrastructure

Director: Alistair Speedie

This department provides economic development services, planning and regulatory services, the commissioning and delivery of waste management and infrastructure services, and enterprising services, including commercially focused leisure facilities.

Monitoring our performance

Each department has a business plan which sets out their Key Performance Indicators and projects. We measure our performance against the agreed plans and make this information available so that you can see how successfully we are meeting our targets.

Find out how our services are performing

Contacting our staff

We publish relevant contact details on this website alongside service information wherever possible. You can also direct enquiries to us via a few different channels:

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Page last updated: 08/01/2019
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