Funding from Area Committees

We're not currently accepting Area Committee Grant applications.

 Elected Members of Dumfries & Galloway Council met on 28 February 2019 to consider the budget for 2019/20 and beyond. It was agreed at this meeting to reduce the budget for Area Committee Discretionary Grants in 2019/20. You may view full details of the meeting here . As a result of this decision, a further report detailing proposals for Area Committee Discretionary Grants was considered at Communities Committee on Tuesday 19 March 2019. Full details of this meeting are available here - please refer to Item 12.

It was agreed at this meeting that there will no longer be a competitive process for Area Committee Discretionary Grants. As detailed at paragraph 3.10 of the report, however, funding will be allocated to local organisations to manage: for each allocation made by Area Committees, expressions of interest will be invited from third sector organisations to deliver the project/initiative. If multiple expressions of interest are received for a particular allocation, then the Area Committee will be asked to agree which one is selected. Should no expressions of interest be received, a relevant Council service will implement the Area Committee decision.

A further report about Support to Anti-Poverty Initiatives was considered at the same meeting - please refer to Agenda Item 10 . Members of Communities Committee were asked to note that third sector organisations who may previously have been awarded funds from the Discretionary Budget will have access to a variety of potential sources of external funds including an Area Committee Anti-Poverty Grants allocation of £200,000 in 2019/20, in addition to £200,000 Anti-Poverty funding to be determined through Participatory Budgeting.

Area Committee Anti-Poverty Grants funding criteria will be agreed by Area Committees during May 2019 and further information will be shown here from that time.

Enhanced support is available to third sector organisations from Third Sector Dumfries & Galloway , which has set up local monthly roadshows across the region, and recruited a dedicated Funding Officer and four Engagement Officers.


Page last updated: 21/03/2019
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