Unacceptable Actions Policy

We believe that customers and staff have the same rights to be heard, understood and respected.

Occasionally the behaviour or actions of individuals in contact with us may be seen as vexatious or unacceptable. The Unacceptable Actions Policy has been developed to ensure that our customers and staff are treated equally, fairly and with respect.

The policy was agreed by the Policy and Resources Committee on 23 June 2015


The aims of the policy are to:

  • Identify behaviours or actions by members of the public that the Council deem to be unacceptable or vexatious
  • Review the pattern of contact with the Council which might be considered to be termed as unacceptable or vexatious
  • Outline the Council's procedures for responding to such actions or behaviours
  • Seek a resolution which is in the best interest of the Council, the individual and the wider community.

The policy will only be used when all other reasonable measures have been taken to resolve a specific issue.


Page last updated: 26/09/2017
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