Lord Lieutenants in your area

Lord Lieutenants are the King's personal representatives in each region of the UK. Dumfries and Galloway is served by three Lord Lieutenants.

Lord-Lieutenant: Fiona Armstrong
Clerk: Alison Burgess
Email lieutenancyofdumfries@dumgal.gov.uk or call 07909 892937, 07834 629844, 01387 260285

Stewartry of Kirkcudbright
Lord-Lieutenant: Matthew St Clair, The Lord Sinclair
Clerk: Maureen Sinclair
Email maureen.sinclair@dumgal.gov.uk or call  01387 260100

Lord-Lieutenant: Mrs Aileen Brewis
Clerk: Julia Farroll
Email julia.farroll@dumgal.gov.uk or call 01776 888428

Lord-Lieutenants can be contacted through their clerks.


Visit The Lord Lieutenancies of Dumfries and Galloway website here.


Lord-Lieutenants work closely with voluntary services, charities and local businesses. They carry out a variety of duties including:

The Lord-Lieutenant is supported by a Vice Lord Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants who come from the local community and attend to duties when the Lord Lieutenant is not available.

Page last updated: 29/03/2023
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