Emergency Energy Payment Assistance Programme

Emergency Energy Payment Assistance Programme for Vulnerable & Older People. Dumfries and Galloway Council have allocated £200,000,00 to deliver our new Emergency Energy Payment Assistance Programme for Vulnerable and Older People throughout our Region.

Energy Assistance

This Programme offers help to older and vulnerable people within our Region who may be struggling to cover the costs of their Home Energy Payments at this challenging time. We are completing this Project in conjunction with all of our following Project Partners and we can offer up to three separate payments of up to £49 each time you need assistance.

Anyone who is in receipt of at least one form of benefit payment can access this support through our project partners who are all detailed below.

Please check through our below list of project partners before calling any of the organisations to make sure that you are calling the correct one for you (e.g. if you are a DGHP Tenant, you would contact the Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Project, if you are a Loreburn Tenant, you would phone Loreburn etc and if you are a Private Rented Sector Tenant, you should call DAGCAS.

Support Available to:

Project Partner

Contact Phone No:

Contact E-Mail Address & Website:


Private Rented Sector Tenants

Dumfries & Galloway Citizens Advice Service

Tel: 0300 303 4321



Home | Dumfries and Galloway Citizens Advice Service (dagcas.org)

DGHP / The Wheatley Group Tenants

Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Project

Tel: 0800 221 8089

Lemon Aid Project - Cunninghame Housing Association


Loreburn Housing Association Tenants

Loreburn Housing Association

Tel: 01387 321 300


E-Mail: customerservice@loreburn.org.uk


Loreburn HA


Home Group Housing Tenants

Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Project 

Tel: 0800 221 8089

Lemon Aid Project - Cunninghame Housing Association

Irvine Housing Association Tenants

Irvine Housing Association Tenants

Tel: 0345 111 0000

The Riverside Group | Social Housing | Housing Association

Cunningham Housing Association Tenants

Lemonaid Fuel Poverty Project

Tel: 0800 221 8089

Lemon Aid Project - Cunninghame Housing Association (cunninghame-housing.org)

For further information on this project, please contact our Poverty and Inequalities Team on either challenge.poverty@dumgal.gov.uk or by phone on 0788 094 2909.

Help with Heating Scheme - The Hub - your community action centre

Dumfries and Galloway Council are also supporting The Hub in Dumfries to help them to provide older households in fuel poverty from across the region with free briquettes and kindling during the winter months if their main source of heating is an open fire / multi-fuel stove. 

To be eligible you need to be:

  • over 60 years of age
  • in receipt of a means-tested benefit

To find out more phone 01387 269161 or email info@thehubdg.org.uk or visit Help with heating costs | the hub - your community action centre (thehubdg.org.uk)

Other ways the scheme can help

The scheme can also assist all households, not just older households, with any form of heating costs who may also be struggling with the rising costs of home energy at this time.  This is aimed at tenants of private rented sector homes and home owners who receive means tested benefits.

The Hub is a referring partner for Home Heating Advice Scotland and provides financial assistance for any form of heating i.e. electricity, gas, oil, LPG/calor gas, coal and whether you pay by pre-payment meters, by monthly direct debits, by quarterly bills or by supplier invoices.

How to apply

You will need to supply The Hub with the following information:

  • Your name, address, date of birth, NI number, phone number, email address
  • Proof of your means tested benefits
  • Number of child dependents, adult dependents and number of adults over 75yrs in your household.
  • Supply a recent energy bill or paid invoice which shows your name, address and customer reference number.
  • If your home has an energy performance certificate rating E, F or G
  • If you are in fuel debt evidence of the debt.

Applications and the information documents required above need to be in the same name of the householder / utility account holder.

Financial awards are paid direct to your fuel supplier who will credit the payment to your fuel/utility company account and/or send you an email with pre-payment meter vouchers codes to use when purchasing top-ups.

Please submit your application by email with all the information required to info@thehubdg.org.uk . For more information, please phone 01387 269161 or visit Help with heating costs | the hub - your community action centre (thehubdg.org.uk)

Page last updated: 19/04/2023
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