Council Plan Delivery Vision - 2028

Our ambition is to be a successful region, with a growing economy, based on fairness, opportunity and quality public services, where all citizens prosper. Working in partnership, with connected, healthy and sustainable communities.

The region will be the natural place to live, work, visit and invest.

Council Plan 2023-2028

The Council plan  sets out the vision and strategic outcomes that the Council wants to achieve over the next five years. It will guide activity across the Council and focus on how we will deliver better outcomes for the citizens and communities in Dumfries and Galloway. View our Council plan below:

Our simplified 'Plan on Page' can be viewed below.  This gives an overview of our themes and strategic outcomes.

Our 'Principles' are how we deliver the outcomes within our Council Plan.

The plan has 4 themes each with strategic outcomes, this is what we aim to achieve during the life of the plan.  The themes are:


Travel, Connectivity and Infrastructure

Education and Learning

Health and Wellbeing

At the start of every financial year, the Council will produce an action plan.  The action plan sets out how the Council intends to achieve its strategic outcomes for the year ahead.

Council Delivery Plan 2023-24

The Annual Delivery Plan outlines the activities, outputs and projects which will help achieve or contribute to the agreed outcomes in the Council Plan 2023- 2028.

Service Plans and delivery

Each of our services produce a service plan which details specific actions from the Council Delivery Plan, key service activities and change and improvement activities that they will deliver.   Service plans are reviewed annually following approval of the Council's annual delivery plan aligned to the Council Plan 2023-2028.

These plans directly link back to the annual delivery of the Council Plan 2023-2028 and individual Heads of Service report their performance to Service and Area Committees on a six-monthly basis.

Service Plans 2023-24

Economy and Development - covering Economic Development, Planning, Building Standards, Property and Estates, Facilities Management, Programme Management Office, Strategic Housing Investment.

Finance and Procurement - covering: Finance and Accounting, Treasury and Capital, Procurement and Commissioning and Financial Transactions.

Roads and Infrastructure - covering: roads, engineering design, community assets, waste, flood risk management and harbours.

Neighbourhood Services - covering: leisure and wellbeing, customer service centres, financial wellbeing and revenues, transport.

Community Services - covering: community development, community engagement, community planning, lifelong learning, ward working, youth work, armed forces and civic affairs, tackling poverty and inequalities.

Learning and Resources - covering: school operations

Quality and Curriculum - covering: delivery of education

Social Work Services - covering: Children and Families, Adults, Justice and Public Protection

Assessor and Electoral Registration Officer - covering: Council Tax Valuation, Non-domestic rating and Electoral Registration.

Governance and Assurance - covering: legal, democratic services, licencing, internal audit, risk management, resilience and community safety.

People and Transformation - covering: Human Resources, Organisational Development, Communication and Graphics, Technology Services, Digital, Business Intelligence, Business Support.

Find out more about the work each department does.

Visit our interactive tool to view our 2021/22 performance information

Our monitoring and reporting structure

As part of our internal Strategic Planning and Performance Strategy and Framework we have a monitoring and reporting structure in place where we measure our performance and make this information available to you so that you can see how we're doing.

Community Planning Partnership (CPP)

To demonstrate the commitment of partners to Community Planning in Dumfries and Galloway, an Improvement Plan has been developed and is updated each year with a report on the previous year.

Find out more about Community Planning Partnership and Locality Planning

The Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP)

The Local Outcome Improvement Plan is an agreement between the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) and the Scottish Government.  You can also view the latest Annual Report.

Comment, compliment and complaint performance

Dumfries and Galloway Council is committed to providing high quality services - We appreciate your feedback, it helps us improve our services and we also let staff know when you think they have done a good job.

We value complaints and use the information from them to help with our services.  If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us.

You also view the latest annual complaints monitoring report which provides information mainly relating the Council's performance in the handling of complaints against a group of performance indicators set out by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.


Page last updated: 24/10/2023
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