R is for Ready

This is Kirsty Beattie. Kirsty is an Employability and Skills Keyworker.

R is for ready

Kirsty's role is to support people aged 16 plus to overcome barriers to further education, employment and training in mid-and-upper Nithsdale, and in Sanquhar Academy and Wallace Hall Academy. Kirsty supports clients reach positive destinations in life, and she does this with undeniable commitment to those she supports.  

Not knowing what the world of work looks like, being confused about what opportunities exist, scared to ask or apply - it can be a worrying and dark time for someone when looking for employment.

Kirsty's sunny disposition goes with her, and her ability to alleviate anxieties and lay out manageable programmes of support are a comfort to those she works with. 

Fact - 254 people were supported by this service in September alone. Simply incredible. 

Kirsty works with school leavers who aren't sure what the world has waiting for them. 

Kirsty is currently helping to develop a program that will support businesses to understand the benefits of hiring someone with autism or Asperger's syndrome, which will create work placements for people to support them into sustainable employment.

Kirsty assists refugees with accessing services that allow them to transfer qualifications from their home country and match them with an equivalent UK qualification, allowing them to work in their chosen field.  

Kirsty recently helped a lady who had happily brought up her children for over 10 years and had dreams to return to work, but who lacked confidence.

Not knowing where to look or where to start, the client was glad to meet Kirsty for a coffee. Kirsty listened to her ideas, her passions, and found that engaging in community activity as a volunteer was an appropriate first step to build confidence before applying for a college course.

This client then worked with Kirsty to apply for a job. The client was unsuccessful. However, the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that it boosted her confidence so much that she printed off a fresh CV, walked round the corner in her local village, approached a business owner and confidently explained her skills, work ethic and availability. She was offered the job on the spot. That's one happy client, and one happy Kirsty. 

Building confidence, creating opportunities and supporting a client's individual journey - all in a day's work for Kirsty in the Employability and Skills team. 

Best part of the job? Kirsty says: "The people. Supporting people through their journey is a privilege. I see confidence grow, I see limitless potential in those I work with and only hope I can support them to see this for themselves. Finding alternative approaches to support someone is interesting and whether it be having a simple conversation with a young person about what they like doing, or what they would like to do in the future or researching the specific information needed for someone to achieve a goal, it all helps...and it is the reason I am proud of what I do." 

Kirsty, it is the way in which you integrate yourself into the heart of your communities and the quality of the support you give that shines so brightly. You remove barriers, you create opportunities and alleviate anxieties by being the friendly face who's always there at just the right time.

Thank you for all that you do. You really are truly valued. 

For more information or support from Employability and Skills please email: dgemployability@dumgal.gov.uk.

Page last updated: 01/02/2024
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