O is for On the Ball

This is Calum Graham. Calum is an Active Schools and Community Sport Officer covering the Langholm and Moffat areas.

O is for On the ball

Calum's role is to support a network of volunteers, coaches, leaders and teachers who deliver physical activity and sport before, during, and after school - and in the wider community.  He also supports club sport by creating links between schools and clubs so young people can continue stay active in the wider community. 

Fact - a whopping 6,936 young people took part in extra-curricular activities last year alone across the region - that's lots of young people being physically active. 

Calum could deliver a regional sporting event one day, and the next, work with a young sports leader to develop their skills. One such young sports leader progressed from delivering a lunch club to receive their 500-hour Saltire Volunteering award, then winning Volunteer of the Year award at the Scottish Coaching awards before training to become a teacher...who now works alongside Calum! That's a job to be proud of. 

Calum said: "Sport has the power to change lives. You know you are doing something that is making a positive impact and a real difference to young people, so much more than just playing the sport itself. Nothing compares to seeing the friendships made, confidence grown, young people feeling socially included and communities supporting the goals of a young person or a team. 

"This is what matters, and this alone is what drives me to do my job every day." 

Calum, there is no doubt that your legacy will be one of energy, a commitment to celebrate the achievement of others and your ability to deliver life-changing opportunities for individuals and communities - both through your work and going above and beyond in your own time.

Thank you for everything you have done, everything you are doing now and will continue you to do in the future.  

For more information about Active Schools and Community sport please email: Active.Schools@dumgal.gov.uk 



Page last updated: 13/12/2023
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