V is for Versatile

Lizz is a learning assistant at Kirkpatrick Fleming Primary school.

V is for Versatile

Learning assistants contribute to raising achievement and help in general supervision, safety and care of pupils by supporting the learning process.

Lizz works with pupils on a one-to-one basis or in groups covering everything from reading, writing, spelling, arts and crafts, PE, cooking, tying of shoelaces, wiping of tears, and administering first aid. She also attends events and trips with children with additional support needs, organises classroom materials...talk about versatile.

Fact - Lizz has worked in this role at Kirkpatrick Fleming for a whopping 22 years. That's her commitment to the pupils, the school and the community. 

Lizz particularly enjoys supporting children in their reading, writing and spelling, and loves spending time with small groups supporting them with a programme called SRS (sound reading system).

This is where Lizz encourages the learners to read their word out loud and then whisper each letter quietly into the pencil as they write it. Imagine leaning over your pencil and whispering 'p', 'e', 't' while you write it down...that's much more fun - no wonder pupils like your support Lizz. 

Best part of the job: "The children and the staff. I especially enjoy when a child reads their first sentence independently, their excitement and self-pride is something you can never forget and the way it makes me feel will never get old. I love everyone I work with, too. It is a wholly supportive environment here, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." 

Whether you have been out gardening with a small group of pupils who need to regain focus or you are supporting another child compete at a national sporting competition, what you do and the dedication with which you do it makes you unquestionably precious to the school community in which you work.

Thank you for being there for all the achievements, for all the tears and all the laughs (and all the tying of shoelaces). But most of all for your invaluable contribution the day-to-day adventure that is primary school learning. What you do is extremely important, and you are truly appreciated by all. 

Page last updated: 18/04/2024
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