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This is Liliana McIntyre. Liliana is a contact centre supervisor.

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Liliana's role is to oversee a team of staff that handle calls and email enquiries to the council in the contact centre - ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to find solutions to customer needs.

The contact centre, much like our customer service centres, is the first point of contact for local communities and visitors who may need our assistance. Liliana ensures staff are linked to all departments across the council, so assistance is made available and supports customers' needs.

Liliana also motivates and supports staff through feedback and communication of key information about a range of council services including council tax reduction, Scottish Welfare Fund and education benefits to name just a few.

Liliana also monitors the number of incoming calls - and there are a lot.

Fact - (and if we could insert a drum roll here, we would). In the month of March (2023) alone, Liliana and the customer service team took 17,000 calls and answered 3,000 emails. In 2022 they took 199,122 calls in total.

Let those numbers sink in...that's 20 staff members handling that volume of calls and emails with kindness, efficiency and dedication to support those living in Dumfries and Galloway.

Liliana and her team understand that some customers prefer to be signposted to an online portal or require direct contact with specific departments - and they will do this efficiently and professionally every time. However, for some customers, the need for human connection and personal support is preferred and this team are ready to digitally assist.

Need to replace a bus pass? The contact centre can do that for you.

Need to book a spot at a Household Waste Recycling Centre? The contact centre can do that for you.

Need to pay for services? The contact centre can do that for you.

The team will do all this and more for you, over the telephone whenever you need them to.

Nothing is too much trouble for this proactive and knowledgeable team, supported by Liliana and her wonderful colleague Sheila.

Best part of the job? "I love the variety, the fast-paced nature of the role, and that you are constantly problem solving. It's like a puzzle that you need to find the pieces to help a customer find the solution they need. I really enjoy my work and find it very rewarding. The people around me really care about helping others. You can see it in the way they deal with calls. Knowing you're a part of a team that feels the same way about customer service as I do is special."

Liliana - the compassion and professionalism you have for your role is exceptional, and your willingness to go the extra mile to help others through conversation and human connection in this digital age is heartwarming and commendable. Thank you for setting the high standards you do, and for going about your job with warmth and efficiency. You truly make a difference every day.

Page last updated: 25/01/2024
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