E is for Eggcellent Service

This is Denise. Denise is the catering manager for Whithorn and Garlieston primary schools.

E is for Eggcellent Service

Denise manages ordering the produce, ensures everything is stored and prepared hygienically, checks all documentation is completed and prepares 80 meals a day with her much-adored colleague Fiona.

That's 80 meals a day, for 80 young learners.

Every meal provides energy for young people to grow and achieve, and Denise is happy knowing that Fish and Chip Fridays, fruit served at break time and yummy yoghurts bring nourishment and happiness to all the little faces she has the pleasure of supporting every day.

"I adore this job; I have been in this role for 20 years and plan on staying until I retire. I love cooking and I love being with the kids, hearing their stories, seeing them energised for the afternoon, but also seeing some children relax and unwind when they've had a busy morning. It makes me genuinely happy doing this job."

Fun fact about Denise -five generations of her family have attended Garlieston Primary School, and then she ended up working there! Denise's Granny, mum, herself, her own daughters and now grandchildren attended the school! That's one strong community, and one awesome school.

Thank you, Denise, what you do impacts not just the 80 young people you cater for every day, but the wider community and beyond. You are an inspiration, a safe place and the dinner lady with the yummiest shortbread in all the land!

Page last updated: 26/07/2023
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