Winter Service

We have a duty to keep public roads and footpaths as safe as possible for vehicles and pedestrians in adverse weather conditions.

We treat roads and pavements with salt (often called gritting) and clear routes to prevent delays and keep services open using information sent to us from the Met Office. Car parks are also assessed for treatment.

Before each winter season commences, we conduct a review of the Winter Service and make alterations, where appropriate. The Winter Service Plan for 2023-2024 sets out Policy and general operational parameters, procedures and practice in Dumfries and Galloway.

Watch the short vlog below to find out how we deliver our Winter Service.

Track My Gritter

Roads Services has been working on improving how they engage with local communities and can now provide a gritter tracking system. Track My Gritter allows members of the public to follow our 18 winter service vehicles as they carry out winter maintenance on our primary and secondary routes across our region during periods of severe weather.

The location of the vehicles is tracked on a map as they travel, providing their most up-to-date location.  The map stores the last 12 hours of vehicle movements.  Grit bins can also be viewed on the map and make it easier to report empty, missing or vandalised bins.

You can access the map using the link below or you can ask Alexa! Instructions on how to activate the service on Alexa are shown below

. View Track My Gritter >>

Track My Gritter will allow residents to see when and where gritters and snow ploughs have been working in their area but they should be mindful that does not give any indication or guarantee of the current condition of the road network.  Road conditions can deteriorate quickly in severe weather, even when they have been gritted or ploughed.  Drivers are advised to always drive in accordance with the prevailing road and weather conditions and where possible should avoid any unnecessary journeys during periods of bad weather.

You can ask Alexa for the latest gritting information for your location, from the Amazon store or from your Alexa app on your smartphone. 


For further information on our Winter Service please see our FAQ's.

View our Winter Service FAQ's [PDF - 111KB]

Winter Service Booklet

You can find out how to be best equipped for travelling at this time of year by reading our Winter Service Booklet

Winter Service Booklet [PDF - 1MB]

Page last updated: 29/11/2023
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