Local Development Plan (LDP)

The Local Development Plan sets out how and where land and property will be used in Dumfries and Galloway to realise the vision for the next 20 years. The written policies give guidance on all aspects of development, when it'll be supported and when it won't.

All planning applications we receive are decided on the basis of land allocations and policies within the Local Development Plan (LDP).

We adopted the current LDP on 29 September 2014 and we must review it every five years to keep it up to date. Preparation of Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) is underway.

View the Local Development Plan

A paper version of the full LDP can be viewed at local libraries and planning offices:

  • Kirkbank House, English Street, Dumfries, DG1 2HS (call 01387 260199)
  • Ashwood House, Sun Street, Stranraer, DG9 7JJ (call 01776 888468)

You can also buy a copy of the LDP for £30 from our planning offices.

Supporting documents

The LDP is prepared using many sources of information and there are a number of documents that support it:

Updates and progress

An Action Programme has been published which lists all the actions needed to deliver the policies and proposals contained in the LDP, when they are expected to be delivered and who will take the lead in delivering them.

Details on the programme for preparing the LDP and how you can get involved are contained in the Development Plan Scheme which is updated every year.

You can follow the preparation of LDP2 and provide your views and thoughts as the updated plan is developed:

We also produce a regular e-bulletin with updates on the LDP:

Page last updated: 19/07/2019
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