Household waste and recycling collections

We collect waste and recycling from households across the region.


We provide equipment to gather household waste and collect it regularly. The type of service and frequency currently depends on which area you live in:


Collection type


Annandale and Eskdale

General household waste
(wheelie bin or council sacks)



General household waste
(wheelie bin or council sacks)



General household waste
(wheelie bin or council sacks)



Food waste
(kitchen and kerbside caddies)


Glass, metal, plastic, paper and cardboard
(recycling boxes)


Please call 030 33 33 3000 to find out which day your collections will be on.

Alternative options

You can take some items to  recycling centres across the region and dispose of them free of charge.

You can also  pay us to collect and dispose of large items or lots of waste from your home that won't fit in your bin such as sofas, garden waste, bikes and mattresses. We offer a separate  Get rid of large domestic appliances for domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines.

Additional Waste bins and sack capacity

Should you have 6 or more in your household or have a medical condition that results in you producing more waste please complete the relevant application and the privacy notice form and return to Additional Waste, EEI, Cargen Tower, Garroch Business Park, Garroch Loaning, Dumfries, DG1 8PN.  Failure to return both forms will result in a delay in your application.

Further information

Page last updated: 18/06/2019
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