Gardens of remembrance

List of Gardens of Remembrance across Dumfries and Galloway.


Following the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, floral tributes will be respectfully removed from Gardens of Remembrance and public areas across the region from Tuesday 20 September.

Following guidance from Royal Parks, compostable material will be used in the future across shrubbery and landscaping in parks and flower beds across Dumfries and Galloway.

Non-organic material, such as teddy bears, will be re-purposed, with possible donation to local charities, wherever possible.

This process will be carried out with discretion and sensitivity.

People can lay flowers/wreaths at these specially selected locations. They were chosen for their space and setting. However, we recognise that people may wish to place tributes in other locations, too.

We would be grateful if people could remove the plastic wrapping from their flowers before laying their tributes, if at all possible.

Annandale and EskdaleWar Memorial, Nethermill, Parkgate
Annandale and EskdaleWar Memorial, Mouswald, DG1
Annandale and EskdaleWar Memorial, Ewes, Langholm
NithsdaleHyslop Memorial, Sanquhar, DG4
NithsdaleWar Memorial Rotchell Road - New Abbey Road, Troqueer
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Irongray, DG2
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Kirkgate, Dunscore, DG2 0SZ
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Kirkbean, DG2
NithsdaleWar Memorial, New Abbey, DG2
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Terregles
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Holywood, DG2
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Bankend Road, Bankend, Glencaple, DG1
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Amisfield, DG1 3LN
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Collin, DG1
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Kirkton, DG1
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Keir
NithsdaleWar Memorial, A76, Closeburn, DG3 5HR
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Tynron
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Thornhill, DG3
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Penpont, DG3
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Kirkbrae, Durisdeer, DG3 5BJ
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Mennock, Sanquhar, DG4
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Sanquhar, DG4
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Wanlockhead, DG4
NithsdaleWar Memorial, Main Street (B724), Clarencefield, DG1 4NF
NithsdaleWar Memorial Troqueer Church, Dumfries
StewartryMemorial, Borgue, DG6
StewartryCrockett Memorial, Laurieston, DG7
StewartryMemorial, Carsphairn, DG7
StewartryWar Memorial, Castle Douglas, DG7
WigtownWar Memorial, Lewis Street, Stranraer, DG9
WigtownWar Memorial, Mercat Crosses, The Square, Wigtown, DG8
WigtownWar Memorial, South Crescent, Garlieston, DG8 8BQ


Page last updated: 16/09/2022
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