Local Place Plans - What are they?

Local Place Plans (LPPs) offer communities the opportunity to produce a plan for their area expressing their aspirations and ambitions for future change.

Local Place Plans are produced by the community, the Council and its partners will be available to provide support, advice and guidance. The Council's Local Place team will discuss the level of support your group requires when they meet to discuss your communities aspirations and ambitions.

They focus on the community's proposals for the development and use of land and provide a new opportunity for communities to feed into the planning system with ideas and proposals.

Local Place Plans are more than just a plan:

  • They can help communities understand what they want to be like in the future and help to develop a positive community identity
  • They can help develop local connections and collaborations and develop community capacity and improve social capital
  • They can support community aspirations on the big challenges for a future Scotland, such as responding to the global climate emergency and tackling inequalities
  • They are an opportunity for real, community-based change

We are currently inviting communities to create Local Place Plans. Should you want to find out more about the process or want to express an interest in creating a Local Place Plan, please fill in this form:

Send completed forms to communityempowerment@dumgal.gov.uk. Upon receipt of the Expression of Interest Form, an officer from the Council will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for your group to have an initial conversation with the Council and its partners about Local Place Plans.

If you have a general question not answered by the information on the LPP webpages, you can send an email to communityempowerment@dumgal.gov.uk or telephone 030 33 33 3000.

An Expression of Interest would require to be submitted by end of July 2024. 

For a Local Place Plan to be taken into account in Local Development Plan 3 it should be registered or able to be registered by July 2025.

Page last updated: 20/03/2024
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