Choose To Lead - Nithsdale Pilot Project

The Choose to Lead Programme offers participation in a variety of quality awards including courses from Sports Leaders UK, Saltire Award and National Governing Bodies for sport.

We are confident the programme will enhance the experiences of Young Leaders in both school and community settings.  The pilot programme in Nithsdale has been supported with funding support from the Holywood Trust.

Whilst working towards the award levels, candidates will gain valuable experiences of practical leadership and benefit from links with local clubs and opportunities in the wider community.

Nithsdale Active School and Community Sport Officers will support every young person who registers to be part of the Choose to Lead Programme to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.  These opportunities will enhance their development as Young Leaders whilst helping them develop skills in delivering high quality activities.

The Choose to Lead Programme is open to those aged from 12 years up to and including the age of 25 years.   Although underpinned by leadership in sport, the awards can be utilised by young people volunteering in clubs or facility settings.

How to apply

Please contact one of the Active Schools and Community Sport Team on any of the details below:

Active Schools and Community Sport Team
Dumfries AcademySenga 310043
Dumfries High SchoolJohn 065443
North West Community CampusJacqui 038715
St Joseph's CollegeHayley 777944
Sanquhar Academy & Wallace Hall Academy   Julie 479656
Page last updated: 12/02/2020
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