Food and Drink Strategy

Food and drink is Dumfries & Galloway's largest, fastest growing and most valuable economic sector. It is the foundation of our region's future economic resilience, creating employment and business opportunities in almost every community region wide.

Food and drink is:

  • worth £1.2 billion to our region's economy, employing 9,075 people.
  • increasingly important to our region's economy, comprising a quarter of private sector economic activity (up from a fifth just five years previously).
  • our most valuable economic sector, average Gross Value Added (GVA) per head of population £60k, 48% higher than the regional average of £40k.


The Scottish Government highlights food and drink in its economic strategy as a key sector, offering significant potential for future economic growth.

In 2017, the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership launched a new industry-led strategy, Ambition 2030, which outlined the following national vision:

  • By 2030; farming, fishing, food and drink is Scotland's most valuable industry, recognised at home and abroad as a model of collaboration and a world leader in responsible, profitable growth.

The national strategy aims to double the value of turnover in the sector in Scotland to £30 billion by 2030 and within Dumfries and Galloway this equates to £2.5 billion.


This strategy has been developed in consultation with the wider industry and its partners for delivery by the whole sector. It recognises that the food and drink economy is a complex economic system with interrelated supply chains and levers of growth. As such, it anticipates that delivery of the strategy and action plan will require a collaborative approach. Activity outlined in the action plan will be delivered by a lead partner or working in partnership with other organisations and businesses.

The Prioritised Action Plan is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all sector based economic development activity over the next four years. Rather, it is compiled as a starting point for a programme of activity relating to priorities that could help the sector achieve its growth ambitions. Input from other organisations and industry groups into the further development of the action plan will be welcomed.

The action plan will be reviewed regularly, at least annually, by Dumfries and Galloway Council's economic development team and key industry partners.


We will know we have made progress towards the achievement of our vision because:

  1. Our industry will grow by an average of 5.5% each year.
  2. Employment and the number of registered enterprises will increase.
  3. Our local businesses will be able to recruit and retain staff to meet their growth potential.
  4. Our annual business confidence trends will remain positive.

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Page last updated: 25/04/2022
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