Advocating and Lobbying Strategy

We are committed to speaking up for our region, through effective advocacy and lobbying we can raise our regions profile and communicate our message more successfully.

Advocacy is the process of influencing decision makers, stakeholders and relevant audiences to support and implement actions.

By advocating our priorities and commitments we can improve the lives of those who live here as well as lobbying on new issues that impact our region.

The strategy was approved by the Policy and Resources Committee in June 2015.


This strategy is aimed at raising our profile and influence to get the best deal possible for our region. It aims to ensure that the Council is effective in influencing decision makers and in promoting our stance, needs and successes.

It provides guidance to our staff and Elected Members on how to express our needs, aspirations and how to promote our region and the opportunities it offers.


Our Council's advocacy will focus on our priorities and commitments which were agreed by Elected Members. We will lobby on select few issues to maintain a positive reputation and be more aware of emerging external influences and policies.


We will have recognition and possibly assistance in helping us achieve our priorities and commitments. National policy development will consider the views of our rural economy and we will be heard and acknowledged in debate.

Further information

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Page last updated: 18/01/2019
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