Community Conversations

Community Conversations are an opportunity to engage directly with the Council, on issues that are important to you.

They are usually held on a Ward basis, and can be in person or online. The format is normally a short presentation on the topic followed by questions and discussion. Each conversation normally lasts about an hour. Feedback is shared with attendees & on our website.

Current Conversations

UK Government Long Term Plan for Towns - Dumfries

The Council will host a Community Conversation on Thursday 15 February 2024 to give information about the establishment of a Dumfries Town Board and to seek community nominations for the Council to consider in its appointment of a chairperson.

Full info and register to attend here: Community Conversation: UK Government Long Term Plan for Towns - Dumfries

    Previous Conversations

    Regional Parking Strategy

    We would like to invite you to our community conversation to develop a new Regional Parking Strategy. The new strategy that will set out the vision for parking across the region and will address current issues the Council is facing with regards to parking control, management and enforcement. Please see details in document below:

    Community Assets

    We would like to invite you to our Community Assets Community Conversation. We would like your input, thoughts and assistance to discuss with us how our services are performing within your local area. Please see details in document below:


    You Said, We Did

    Below are  'You Said We Did' documents, which cover the the questions and feedback received at these Community Conversations and what happened as a result;

    If you are looking for information on a specific previous Community Conversation, or to find out more in general  contact the Ward Officer in your Area

    British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us by using Contact Scotland BSL

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