Customer Strategy

Our Council works to ensure that our customer's needs and expectations are met at their first point of contact with us.

As an essential point of contact for people living, working and visiting our region that require access to, or the delivery of our public services, the council has adopted a 'do it once and do it well' approach.

Some customers will continue to utilise face-to-face and telephony customer contact but there is now a requirement for our Council to consider the new opportunities presented by developing technologies and the expectations of customers in the 'digital age'.

The Strategy was agreed by the Community and Customer Services Committee on 20 October 2015.


The aim of this strategy is to re-focus our customer contact in line with developing technologies so that we can provide services which are better value for money, more accessible, flexible and are re-designed with the customer's needs in mind.


By achieving this aim, residents and visitors will receive high quality, responsive, timely, efficient and seamless interactions with us and the Council will be recognised for its excellence in customer contact.

This will be delivered through three core promises:

  • You will be able to reach us easily
  • You will know what to expect
  • You will be able to tell us how we are doing


The expected outcomes of the strategy will be:

  • The customer journey will be managed effectively and efficiently and will support the principles of the Channel Access Plan
  • Customers will have the choice of how they can contact us with a consistent message across the variety of contact channels, ensuring that enquiries are resolved at first point of contact
  • Services will be more accessible to customers, with appropriate opening times for face to face interactions. This includes the development of services accessed over the telephone and the expansion of the 24 hour online resource
  • Our staff will have the equipment, software and skills to be able to deliver the principles of our Customer Charter and Standards
  • A developed understanding of customer preferences and need through the increased use of customer feedback, leading to personalised and targeted service access and delivery channels
  • Developing customer contact solutions in partnership by sharing customer insight, technology and locations.

An Action Plan has been put in place to monitor the delivery and success of the strategy.

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Page last updated: 14/03/2022
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