Ward 6 - North West Dumfries

North West Dumfries lies on the west side of the River Nith in old Maxwelltown and has an electorate of 14,929 which is just under half of the population of Dumfries.

Your councillors

There are 4 councillors representing North West Dumfries.

Some elected members hold councillor surgeries so you can speak to them about problems or issues.

Your ward officer

Your ward officer is there to support local communities, councillors and partners within the ward. They can help you or your community with:

  • community engagement - including running Ward Events and community meetings, supporting consultations and involvement
  • community development and empowerment - including assisting communities to prioritise what's important to them, making informed choices about community assets and volunteering with the council in their locality
  • community planning - coordinating and working with local partners and supporting Locality Hubs


Ward officer for North West Dumfries
Ward officerContact details
Darren Burns

Email darren.burns@dumgal.gov.uk
Call 07702 918644

Local services

You can use our find my nearest tool to find out more about services in your area.

The Ward Profiles are being updated and will be available in spring 2022. In the meantime, please check with your Ward Officer should you wish to use any of the information in the current version.

Page last updated: 25/05/2022
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