Submit a formal Participation Request

You need to complete an application form to start the formal Participation Request process.

It would be worthwhile talking to us about your ideas before you put in the time and effort required to make a full Participation Request. We can explain more about the process and give you advice on submitting a request.

Contact us to discuss your thoughts:

Who can apply

Only a Community Participation Body can make a Participation Request. This is either a Community Council, a community controlled body or a body designated by the Scottish Ministers.

A Community Participation Body must:

  • say what community it speaks for
  • allow all people who are part of their community to be members
  • have a membership mostly made up of people from their community
  • be controlled by members of their community
  • clearly state its aims and how it works for the benefit of their community

Further information on who can apply is available from the Scottish Government:

Complete an application

Our Participation Request process is designed to make sure your organisation has fully consulted with the local community, developed a clear vision that's supported by the community and identified benefits for local people.

The level of detail we need depends on the scale and type of improvements. We've developed a form to help ensure all of the necessary information is submitted:

What happens next

We'll notify you when we're able to confirm that you've submitted a valid request, all the relevant information has been provided and you qualify as a Community Participation Body. We aim to acknowledge valid requests within 14 days.

We'll then assess the request and decide whether it can be approved. We'll let you know within 30 days if the request has been granted or refused. If another public body is involved then this can take up to 45 days because we need time to contact them and check they agree to participate in the process.

Approved requests
Work with your community will normally start within 90 days of us telling you that a request has been accepted. This is known as the Outcome Improvement Process.

Refused requests
We write to you to clearly explain the reasons why a request has been refused. There is no right of appeal if a request is turned down.

Page last updated: 14/08/2023
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