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Portable appliance testing

Any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury should be maintained in a safe condition. We can inspect your electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use.

Testing is carried out on electric appliances that have a lead/cable and plug which can be moved. This could include:

  • power tools
  • lawnmowers
  • lamps
  • kettles, microwaves and toasters
  • washing machines and tumble driers
  • bottled water coolers
  • electric blankets

There's no legal requirement to carry out portable appliance testing but it is a useful measure to ensure you're complying with a wide range of legislation and regulations. For example, the Health and Safety Executive and insurance companies expect employers to test portable appliances to fulfil health and safety regulations.

About the testing

Our specialist testers are fully-trained and equipped to test appliances to the highest standards. Testing is designed to pick up any defects that aren't immediately obvious when you visually exam appliances.

The handheld devices we use are designed to perform the electrical safety checks needed to meet the Institute of Engineering and Technology Code of Practice.

Reports are downloaded and emailed or posted to you for your records.

Arrange testing

We offer testing for a wide range of portable equipment at competitive rates. Prices are available on request.

We offer services on a one-off basis, as and when required or agree a longer-term contract if needed. Our hire and payment options are flexible to suit you.

Contact us about your requirements:

You can also:

  • Call 01387 271100

Repairs and retests

Our testers will advise you if there are any issues and explain what the problem is. You can decide if you want to repair or scrap an appliance that fails the testing.

We're able to make some basic repairs. We'll tell you upfront about any work that's needed and what the charges will be.

You'll need to pay for a retest if an appliance is repaired.

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Page last updated: 20/12/2019
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